• Künstliche Intelligenz in Human Resources

  • The Integration of AI into HR: The New Psychological Frontier - Jill Strange


    Abstract The market for AI will grow from $8 billion in 2016 to $47 billion by 2020, impacting all business practices across almost every industry – and HR is no exception. Jill Strange, Vice president, Infor HCM Science Applications explains how artificial intelligence in HCM will streamline productivity across the entire employee life cycle, create a fully engaged workforce, and produce remarkable business results more efficiently than ever before.

    HR Can Deconstruct Bias In The Workplace With Machine Learning - Louis Columbus


    Abstract Conscious and unconscious biases influence every hiring decision made, and it’s up to Chief Human Resources Officers (CHRO) to take a strong leadership role to reduce its negative effects. […] Data is the great equalizer, with proven ability to eradicate conscious and unconscious biases from hiring decisions and enabling true diversity by equally evaluating candidates based on their experience, growth potential and strengths.

    Machine Learning in Human Resources: Applications and Trends - Daniel Faggella


    Abstract Human resources has been slower to come to the table with machine learning and artificial intelligence than other fields—marketing, communications, even health care. But the value of machine learning in human resources can now be measured, thanks to advances in algorithms that can predict employee attrition, for example, or deep learning neural networks that are edging toward more transparent reasoning in showing why a particular result or conclusion was made.

    11 Ways AI Can Revolutionize Human Resources - Forbes


    Abstract Technology, especially AI, is really changing the human resources game — there is room for improvement on all kinds of HR processes with the help of AI. But which tasks are better suited for the human side of human resources?

    Artificial Intelligence in HR: a No-Brainer - PriceWaterhouseCoopers


    Abstract This is basically good news for Human Resources and for your business. Usually HR is one step behind in the digital transformation and AI now offers the chance to catch up. AI can help eliminate repetitive tasks, accelerate the search for talent, reduce employee attrition and improve employee engagement. The algorithms train themselves to simulate human behaviour and to re-imagine workers experience. AI reacts faster in helping draw out the insights and inferences that might otherwise take reams of manpower or stay uncovered at all.

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