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  • Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management: Current Possibilities and Applications - Raghav Bharadwaj


    Abstract Supply chain management (SCM) is critical in almost every industry today – but it hasn’t received as much focus from AI startups and vendor companies compared to healthcare, finance, and retail. Businesses are showing increased interest in AI applications, from its benefits to fully leveraging the vast amounts of data collected by industrial logistics, warehousing and transportation systems.

    10 Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management - Louis Columbus


    Abstract Machine learning makes it possible to discover patterns in supply chain data by relying on algorithms that quickly pinpoint the most influential factors to a supply networks’ success, while constantly learning in the process.

    Artificial Intelligence in Logistics - DHL & IBM


    Abstract Looking ahead, we believe AI has the potential to significantly augment current logistics activities from end to end. As in other industries, AI will fundamentally extend human efficiency in terms of reach, quality, and speed by eliminating mundane and routine work. This will allow logistics workforces to focus on more meaningful and impactful work.

    Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce: Comparing the Top 5 Largest Firms - Kumba Sennaar


    Abstract eCommerce is a bustling segment of the retail industry representing an estimated $102.7 billion or 8.3 percent of total U.S. retail sales in 2016. Total retail trade was approximated at 5.9 percent of the national GDP in 2016. As digital transactions become the standard method of purchasing goods and services, leading eCommerce firms are exploring how AI can enhance brand competitiveness and customer loyalty.

    Retail’s Adapt-Or-Die Moment: How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Commerce - CB Insights


    Abstract Traditional and new-school retailers alike are using AI and robotics to automate various parts of the retail chain, from manufacturing to last-mile delivery.

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